ZAYAZD means “sudden attack” – the perfect name for this powerhouse musical group from Gdansk, whose
fusion of country-folk-rock-pop is unmatched by any artist on either side of the Atlantic!  Zayazd have won
international acclaim for their unique blend of violin and electric guitar.  Combined with their unbridled energy
and impressive skill, they have won over audiences everywhere they performed.

Bożena Makowiecka, one of the lead singers of Zayazd is very talented as well as beautiful. She has one of those
voices that can truly be described as “angelic” but she can also belt out the blues - and any other musical style
she chooses.  “Wielka Radość.” translated as “Great Joy” is just one of those tracks that grab you by surprise
and leave you craving more.  

Lech Makowiecki is the lead guitarist, vocalist, and composer of most of the songs and lyrics for Zayazd.  I liken
his style to that of Eric Clapton or Gordon Lightfoot - deep, brooding, often melancholy and imbued with soul.  He
founded the group Babsztyl, whose popularity reached cult proportions in Poland. Their album entitled, “Szykuj
się, bracie” - roughly translated means “it’s going to be, brother!” sold over 230,000 albums.

Zayazd’s music is deeply rooted in Polish tradition, with numerous songs based on the Polish experience of
World War II.  His ballads - as beautiful as they are tragic cautions the world that war should never happen again.
Lech’s grandfather perished in WWII.

Chica Noc (Silent Night), performed in Nashville for Country Music Television, earned Zayazd American
recognition and a prestigious award presented by Illinois Senator Mr. Walter Dudycz.  It is no surprise then, that
Zayazd’s Christmas carols have been hugely popular for several years.

Zayazd have blazed trails throughout Europe (and in the United States) performing in Stockholm, Berlin, Rostock,
Chicago, among others.

Easy Rider (Siwy Wilk), Ostatni Zayazd and Jestem ze ws  are just some of the songs that have picked up major
awards. And their celebrity precedes them:  in 1997, Zayazd was invited to celebrate the 1000 Year Anniversary
of the City of Gdansk and the 70th Anniversary of the City of Gdynia. They recorded Gdańska Ballada and Tylko
Gdyni! for the occasion. Two years later, they  performed for Pope John Paul II. The song - Wielka Radość.  A
distinctive mix of earthy blues and uplifting gospel.  Great song. And very cool Pope.

Zayazd has been in the spotlight for years and featured on major Polish television networks, performing concerts
and making guest appearances at the prestigious International Piknik Country Festivals in Mrągowo.

A prolific song writer Lech has written for many other performers, including VOX, and Majka Jeżowska.  But his
talent does not stop there. He has been producing major radio and TV commercials as well as concerts for major

Hung prominently in their home is a Gold Record awarded to Zayazd by Polskie Nagrania, a Polish recording
company. But it should have been a Platinum Record since their album was illegally distributed by Kolędy - Polish
phonographic pirates.
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