No. 307 Polish Eagle Owls Squadron
On November 15, 1942, Jan Michałowski, Leader of No. 307 Squadron, solemnly presented the
Polish flag to Rowland Glave-Saunders, then mayor of the City of Exeter.  In his speech, he said,
"May it remind (the people of Exeter) in the future when the war is over... that at one time
Poles and Devonians lived, fought and died for one cause."  
It was a time during which the
Polish airmen and the citizens of Exeter formed close bonds.   

The men of the 307 had defended the city from Nazi attacks. On one particular mission, It was four
Polish 307 Squadron Beaufighters against 40 Junkers-88 bombers. And the men of the 307,
against overwhelming odds were able to shoot down four enemy planes before they could drop
their bombs on Exeter.

The Luftwaffe conducted nineteen air attacks on the city of Exeter killing 265 citizens, and
seriously wounding 687 others.  Much of the city was destroyed, including buildings and
monuments of great historical importance.

The 307 Squadron lost 21 airmen. Nineteen of them are buried at Higher Cemetery in Exeter.

Sadly,over the years the city of Exeter had lost track of the Polish flag. But in 2012 a new one
was presented to Exeter for the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the first flag
ceremony. This is due to the intervention of Mr. Michael Parrott, an historian who accidentally found
a plaque dedicated to the 307 Squadron, stored in an chapel in Exeter's High Cemetery.  Upon
further research he discovered the amazing history of the 307 Squadron, and their courageous
sacrifices in defending Exeter from Nazi attacks..I would like to think that it was Providence that
led Mr. Parrot to the plaque.

The tradition of remembrance continues. Every 15th of November, the city of Exeter observes with
solemnity and respect,
307 Squadron Day. It has become an annual event organized by Mr.
Parrott and his associates of the 307 Squadron Project,  (a British-Polish charitable organization
which is dedicated to the promotion and research of the history of No. 307 Polish Squadron, also
known as the "Lwow Eagle Owls".)

This year the organization has planned a free exhibition to honour the memory of the 307,
'Night Fighters of Exeter. The Story of 307 Squadron' from November 14, 2017 to
November 16, 2017,  10:30 to 16:00, at Exeter Guildhall, High Street, EX4 3EB

For more information contact the organizers at 307 Squadron Project.
Remembrance of the