This feature was inspired by the story of Lech, the legendary founder of the Polish nation. It is said that one day he
came across an eagle's nest quite by accident. He was startled to see the great white eagle rise and spread
its massive wings as she tried to defend her eaglets. The sight of the eagle against the red of the setting sun was
indeed an awesome sight to behold. The story says that it inspired Lech to choose the eagle as the symbol of
the new Polish nation. I for one would like to believe this is true. It must be true since the eagle has been the
symbol of Poland since time immemorial !!

After millennia Polish people continue to admire the eagle, and celebrate and honor it as the symbol of their beloved
Poland, Everywhere there are impressive displays of flags and banners depicting the noble image of the eagle. As
well, they are conspicuous graced on medals, military uniforms, and countless other ways.

This feature is affectionately entitled, Polish Eagles Among Us, and is a pictorial illustration of eagle symbols in
Polish architecture. Some eagle symbols are resplendent and conspicuous, while others are more sedate, and
rarely even noticed.  Polish cities are abound with surprises and delights, and it pays to look at details.

You may spot an eagle!